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    Gianluca Barbaro

    Dear friends,
    two new titles are now available on in my new Melodicamente series.
    I have already announced the first one in my previous post: Play melodica with both hands! Japanese Style Volume I
    Play melodica with both hands!
    An adaptation of the well-known F. Beyer piano method “Preparatory School for Piano”, op. 101.
    Volume I – Beginner to Intermediate which includes a short essay on the melodica by Alan Brinton.

    The second title is Melodic Intervals Workout
    Melodic Intervals workout
    It’s a short book containing a few exercises based on the piano keyboard topology, aimed at re-training our brains to the smaller key size of the melodica compared to a regular piano keyboard. I devised this exercise routine when I first started playing the melodica and I still practice it daily with great benefits.

    Besides the Melodicamente series, three other books of mine are now available on amazon, in the Musicalia series.

    Scales & Chords for Modern/Jazz Piano contains piano fingerings (usable on the melodica as well) for the main 11 scale types in all keys and for 7 types of 3-note chords and 14 types of 4-note chords (all keys), as well as numerous tips and advices on how to practice them.
    Scales & Chords for Modern/Jazz Piano

    Foundation and Practice of Music is a theoretical and practical 160 color pages textbook that covers all main aspects of music playing and studying, based on a cognitive and psycho-acoustical approach. It includes numerous exercises and suggestions for music studying and practicing on all instruments.
    Foundation and Practice of Music

    Finally, Complete Scale Syllabus is a reference book for more than 250 musical scales both from all over the world and unheard of before, including their modes, generated chords and cross relationships. These are the scales found by applying the method devised in “Foundation and Practice of Music”.
    Complete Scale Syllabus

    For more info and orders see my author page on

    thank you!

    Daren Banarsë

    Congratulations Gianluca!

    Alan Brinton

    Foundation and Practice of Music — I have been able to review an advance copy. I highly recommend it and am ordering my own final copy. Although Gianluca is coming out with multiple titles at once, this is obviously something he has been working on for a long time. It is carefully crafted and highly polished, a well thought-out treatment of material the full range of which does not seem to have been covered by anybody else. It is suitable for relatively untutored readers such as myself. The closest is perhaps The Acoustical Foundations of Music by John Backus, which is an older title I am now reading, but the overlap is only partial. The writing style of Gianluca’s book is engaging, very crisp, not what we usually expect from an author writing in a second language.

    Gianluca Barbaro

    Thank you Daren!
    And thank you Alan, you are very kind!
    I wrote “Foundation and Practice of Music” trying to realize what I wish I had when I was a music student. Instead, it took many years of studying, many different teachers and many more years of teaching and thinking to gather all the information and the tips I included in that book and to organize them in an intelligible order. I hope all that can be of help to others, now.


    Alan Brinton

    John Backus writes as a physicist who is trying to explain the physics of sound to music students. You write as a musician and music scholar who is also well informed about the physics of sound and who is able to integrate the relevant concepts from both domains.

    I have to say, though, that I don’t know what to make of your 2012 interpretation of “Nature Boy.”

    Gianluca Barbaro

    I don’t know what to make of your 2012 interpretation of “Nature Boy.”

    A cubist interpretation?

    Alan Brinton

    Now it’s beginning to make sense. Maybe I can learn more when I to Cuba in April.

    Gianluca Barbaro

    A small promo/demo video of Melodic Intervals Workout, enjoy!

    Alan Brinton

    Engaging video, gl. Very professional.

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