How to play melodica songs

If you want to play your favourite songs on the melodica, there’s two ways of going about it.

The 1st way

The first way is watching YouTube videos of others playing, and trying to copy what they do.

This can work to a certain extent- you’ll manage to play something that sounds vaguely like the song you’re trying to play.

But it will never make you a good player.

And there’s the danger of picking up bad habits, which are notoriously difficult to shake off.

The 2nd way

The second way is a way that may at first seem like more work, but is actually the quickest route by far.

And that’s taking the time to learn to play melodica, and read music from a teacher.

Once you can read music, you can play anything you want.

And not only that, you’ll play it well. Your friends will beg you to play for them!

Learning to play well brings great personal satisfaction too, and it builds confidence which you can carry over to other areas of your life.

Melodica Lessons

I know it’s not easy to get lessons from a professional melodica teacher. There aren’t many teachers around, and when there are, private lessons can be expensive.

So I’ve recorded a series of 11 YouTube videos lessons which you can watch for free.

These take you from the very beginning of your journey, presuming you know nothing about music.

And step by step, teach you how to play the melodica, and the basics of how to read music.

Watch the YouTube videos here

Learning to read music

Imagine being able to play any song you like, whenever you like.

That’s what the gift of being able to read music will bring you.

But it looks so complicated?

Well, that’s exactly what it looked like to me, and every other pro musician when they first started.

With the right guidance, and a little bit of practice every day, you can learn to read music, and go on to become a great musician.

We all have to start at the beginning.

Just don’t let it become an excuse for not starting at all

‘Melodica Lessons’ tutorial book

I’ve created a book called Melodica Lessons, for anyone serious about learning the melodica and willing to put in the practice that’s required.

If you’re serious about learning, and know that you want to be a great player, then the book is a no brainer.

In the book:

We start with the basics, how to hold the melodica, how to use your breath, and what to practice

Step by step, you’ll discover good playing technique, how to read music, and how to get an expressive sound

By the end, you’ll be reading music for both hands, playing along to the backing tracks, and playing your favourite songs

Some extra benefits of the book

A complete musical foundation

  • As well as learning to play melodica, this book covers music theory, and reading music
  • It’s a great base for playing all musical styles – popular, classical and memes and songs

Play along with the backing tracks online

  • Have fun playing along with the online backing tracks – it’s like having your very own pianist!
  • There’s also a slow backing tracks, for when you haven’t quite got it up to speed yet

Suitable for absolute beginners

  • Step by step instructions for anyone to follow at their own pace
  • Simple to follow for all ages

Join the Facebook Community

  • Join the Melodica World community for help and support
  • Meet over 2,500 members from around the globe, including the author

Listen to music examples online

  • Before you learn a new piece from the book, you can hear it online
  • It’s like having a teacher demonstrating it for you!

Suitable for all countries

  • England, America and the rest of the world use slightly different terminology in music theory, but all versions are covered in this book

Melodica Lessons book available here


The melodica is one of the easiest instruments to begin learning music on. It’s also great fun.

But to learn to play properly means learning in the right way.

Make sure you follow the best guidance you can, put aside 15-30 minutes or practice time everyday, and most of all have fun!.

The Ultimate Guide to the Melodica in 2022

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