Developing a solid melodica technique

  • 10 Tips for Pro Melodica Players

    The melodica isn’t always the first instrument that comes to mind when you think of the professional musician. You can see why – if you just pick it up and mindlessly blow into it, it doesn’t sound very impressive. If you want it to sound good, you have to do the right practice. So check out these 10 tips, and you’ll be on your way to being a pro melodica player! 1) Copying Musicians that…

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  • Learn an Irish tune on Melodica

    If you want to play Irish music, you have a selection of instruments open to you. Some of these fall into the ‘traditional’ category, and some, including the melodica, into the ‘alternative’ category. There are instruments for backing (playing the accompaniment), and there are instruments that play the tunes (melodies). Traditional tune playing instruments you’ll find at an Irish music session are the wooden flute, fiddle (violin), tin whistle, uilleann pipes (pronounced ‘illin’), banjo, concertina,…

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  • 10 Quick Ways to Up Your Melodica Game

    So, you’ve been playing melodica for a while now, and you’re comfortable with the basics. Here’s some tips for taking your playing up to the next level No. 1 Use the mouthpiece rather than the hose. Keeping the mouth as close as possible to the instrument allows for more control and expression No. 2 Relaxation is the foundation of good technique. Too much tension will result in a harsh tone and awkward playing style No.…

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