10 Quick Ways to Up Your Melodica Game

So, you’ve been playing melodica for a while now, and you’re comfortable with the basics. Here’s some tips for taking your playing up to the next level

No. 1

Use the mouthpiece rather than the hose. Keeping the mouth as close as possible to the instrument allows for more control and expression

No. 2

Relaxation is the foundation of good technique. Too much tension will result in a harsh tone and awkward playing style

No. 3

Practice slowly. Practising accurately at a snails pace is the fastest route to becoming a virtuoso player

No. 4

Practice long notes. Start softly and bring up the volume, before gently tapering off at the end of the breath

No. 5

Use vibrato for musicality. Emulate the beauty of a singers voice by learning the difference between throat and stomach vibrato

No. 6

Listen to your favourite players. You can learn from listening to all instruments, and working out exactly how they get their sound

No. 7

Learn to bend notes for extra expression. While playing a note, slowly let the key up, while simultaneously blowing harder

No. 8

Copy tonguing techniques from wind players. Start with making the sounds, te-ke-te-ke, while playing one note

No. 9

Master circular breathing. It takes patience to learn, but the benefits of not having to take a breath are manifold

No. 10

Good playing requires a professional standard instrument. Quality melodicas such as the Yamaha P37D and Suzuki M-37C are inexpensive options

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  1. This is a great article. I can see where all the tips will improve my playing. However, I’d ask why not ditch the mouthpiece altogether and blow directly into the melodica. This allows your lungs and body cavity to couple with the instrument. This yields a warmer and more focused tone. Just like on a harmonica.

    At least I think I can hear it. But I DO most definitely feel it. I think I approach the melodica more like a horn than a piano. (Jon Baptiste says the same) Just my 2 cents. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Firstly, I have to relearn the difference between the melodica keyboard and the computer keyboard. I keep trying to type messages into the forum via my melodica keyboard!

    Secondly, I did not know there was so much more to this little instrument than meets the eye! Thanks again, Daren, for the excellent advice!

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