How to hold a melodica

There’s two ways to play a melodica, sitting down or standing up.

1. The Sitting Position

In this position, you place the melodica on a flat surface in front of you. It could be on a table or on your lap.

You connect the hose (the long white plastic tube) to the instrument, and blow into it while pressing the keys.

Advantages of the sitting position:

  • You can use both of your hands
  • You can see what you’re doing
  • You don’t have to hold anything

Disadvantages of sitting:

  • You’re stuck in one place

2. The standing Position

While standing with the melodica, you use the small black plastic mouthpiece instead of the hose.

Place the instrument in you left hand, using the strap on the back if you like.

And play the keyboard with the right hand while blowing into the mouthpiece.

Advantages of the standing position:

  • You can walk around while you play!
  • Your mouth is closer to the instrument, giving you greater expressive control

Disadvantages of standing:

  • You can’t see your hand as it plays the keys
  • You can’t use both hands to play

Which position is best?

It’s best to start with the sitting position, so you’re able to see the keyboard clearly. Once you don’t have to look at the keys (t comes with practice), you can try out the standing position.

Of course, they both have their advantages and disadvantages, so ultimately you can learn to play both ways.

The Ultimate Guide to the Melodica in 2022

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