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    Larry Shone

    I read on Suzuki’s melodica Amazon page that the advantage of the tube is that traps saliva, stopping it going into the instrument. Can anyone confirm this?


    Hi Larry,
    I’m a long time tube player.
    I guess it’s true saliva is not going directly in the instrument by using the tube.
    However my melodicas Suzuki and otherwise always have moisture in them after playing for a while.
    Whether it’s spit or condensation from warm air it does build up.
    It could be if you kept the tube in a curve and kept the melodica higher than the bottom of the loop it might collect in the bottom of the tube but that would seem like an awkward playing position.

    Larry Shone

    Cheers Kevin. I suppose warming the tube before playing might help, like warming the mouthpiece of a recorder reduces condensation.

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    A tube should collect some of the condensation from the breath before it reaches the reeds, so could give you extra playing time before the reeds get saturated. It’s easy to empty out too.

    The Vibrandoneons have a long rigid tube with a U bend where moisture collects, and there’s a little outlet pad where in theory you can release any moisture which builds up. Nice idea!

    Larry – a long heated pipe might be a good addition to Dave Brancazio’s heated reed system


    Currently I have been playing my Balone Burini Vibrandoeon That has the S curve brass pipe with moisture release button, after about 15 minutes of play, you will hear a sort of gurgling sound which indicates the pipe is starting to get filled with moisture at the bottom of the s curve. My practice is to simply press the release button every so often within the 15 min period and no issues. The S curve really collects a lot of moisture and minimizes moisture at the reeds. Try looping the hose and see if it collects moisture within the loop after some play.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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