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3D Printed Melodica

This melodica may look like a traditionally made musical instrument, but it was actually 3D printed in plastic, and sprayed silver to look like metal. The keys were coated with wood and ivory from a scrap piano to give it a curious vintage look.

“The melodica has always had great potential as a serious musical instrument, it’s just that they’re made for kids”, says maker, Daren Banarsë. “I started playing on one of these toy instruments, but it was frustrating. The notes wouldn’t play fast enough and the tone was shrill and inconsistent. I’d heard of 3D printing, and I thought, maybe it’s time to start exploring this amazing new technology”

Click here to read the blog and find out how it was made!

3D printed melodica
3D printed melodica
3D printed melodica
3D printed melodica

The Ultimate Guide to the Melodica in 2022

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