Making a Melodica

All about the art of making a melodica

  • I Made My Dream Melodica!

    Many of you know that I’ve been obsessed with the melodica for many years now. As a pianist, my dream was to have something small and portable I could take anywhere and play in any style I wanted. So I took some time to learn how to play the melodica well. But there were two big problems. The instrument looked look a toy, and although there’s a place for that dirty melodica sound, there’s times…

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  • 3D Printed Melodica

    This melodica may look like a traditionally made musical instrument, but it was actually 3D printed in plastic, and sprayed silver to look like metal. The keys were coated with wood and ivory from a scrap piano to give it a curious vintage look. “The melodica has always had great potential as a serious musical instrument, it’s just that they’re made for kids”, says maker, Daren Banarsë. “I started playing on one of these toy…

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