Buying a Melodica

  • Melodica Buying Guide 2022

    Why melodica? The melodica is an easy instrument to pick up, and with practice, can sound just as good as other instruments costing 10 times more. I’ve written a guide on how to choose your melodica. Head to the end of the article for recommendations A quick lesson Let’s have a very quick look at how the melodica works, because it makes a difference when you’re choosing which one you’re going to buy. Hidden away…

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  • Buying a melodica in 2022

    So many melodicas, so little time! How do you go about buying a melodica? And which is the best melodica for you? There’s three things you need to consider – how many notes you need, the type of sound you like, and how it looks! Here’s the lowdown on the 8 highest rated melodicas on this site. These are all quality instruments, suitable for playing in a band, or for recording. If you’re looking for…

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