Buying a Melodica

  • Buying a Melodica in 2021

    Let’s start off by looking at exactly what a melodica is. Its a small wind instrument, with a piano style keyboard. You hold it with your left hand, and play with the right, or you can put it on a table and play with both hands. You blow through one end of it, while pressing the keys to make a sound. It’s an easy instrument to pick up, and with practice, in my opinion, can…

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  • Buying a melodica in 2020

    So many melodicas, so little time! How do you go about buying a melodica? And which is the best melodica for you? There’s three things you need to consider – how many notes you need, the type of sound you like, and how it looks! Here’s the lowdown on the 8 highest rated melodicas on this site. These are all quality instruments, suitable for playing in a band, or for recording. If you’re looking for…

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