Suzuki W-37 Wooden keyboard Harmonica Professional Model

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    I tried to make a review (translation of my blog) + more.


    Unfortunately, my first impression was this. “Oh….Muted (Muffled) V2…”
    Some of players says “Warm and Soft”, However I think that is prejudiced by wooden design.
    Melodica madness like us owns dozens of melodica and listening to the sound of melodica 365 days, So we immediately realize that it is the same as V2.

    *Material and design*
    For the type of wood being used
    -the cover : Mahogany
    -keyboards Surface Rosewood / Beech.

    I used to work in a furniture shop a long time ago, I was touched and remembered various samples of various trees every day, but very fine natural wood material was adopted and delicate processing was given I think. I felt comfortable feeling like moisture.

    Some melodion current products are outsourcing design to other design companies(CHU-BU DESIGN
    According to this article(
    ),W-37 is SUZUKI’s own design.(Designed by Mr. takemura and Mr.Fukumori)

    It is somewhat heavier than 1,100 grams, but this is almost the same weight as Pro-V2.

    *Good point what I think is…*
    I think most important point is that the keys are wood. (It is not a body/cover, keys.)
    The slippage and thickness of keys changed subtly. As a result, the range of approaches has expanded.
    Changing the material of the keyboard is an epoch-making release.
    However, there are very few Japanese players who are good at approaching the keys sliding and depth. Suzuki’s Official video musicians are very talented (both my friends), but some of players criticized that “they can not explain <why they should be melodica>, and I agree with that.
    Also, natural trees are vulnerable to changes in humidity (will be cracking), So It is still unknown that W-37 can be used in a hot and humid country in Japan…

    *Bad point what I think is…(This is just my personal opinion)*
    1)Price. Pro-V2 is sold for about $155 in Japan. W-37 is about $1238 dollars.
    So That is, the design&development fee + wood cover + wood keys + Carrybag + Accessories= $1083.
    I feel too expensive. But this is Suzuki’s promotino-marketing.

    2)Just, just my PERSONAL comment.
    Suzuki’s Official sales copy is “W-37 is for the music like that demands delicate sound expression such as classical music, musette, jazz.”
    Feel like something is not quite right, Because This sound is obviously not a musette sound.
    Therefore Suzuki is an education-related manufacturer, I feel the difference with other musical instrument manufacturers that are mainly “music” . (Japan’s case)

    *If you want to buy W-37…*
    Taniguchi-gakki can send it by ems. Or ask to me.


    Although the topic changes, Yamaha will release a new 37 key pianica tomorrow (8th May 2018).
    In my expectation, it will be like P-37E/BK which made the outside body black.(just my Expectation)
    It seems inspired by the release of W-37.


    Comparison W-37 and M-37C

    Alan Brinton

    Much appreciated, Akeo, both the blog review and the comparison with the M-37C. I prefer what I am hearing from the M-37C, which I also prefer to the Pro 37v2.

    You comments about the texture of the key surface and about possible future complications from expansion and contraction of the wooden keys are especially interesting. I can understand how a less slippery key surface could be either an advantage or a disadvantage.


    Great reviews, thanks for taking the time and effort Akeo.

    I have a coupe of (handmade) wooden bodied melodicas, which seem to have stood the test of time in regards to cracking. But the ebony one does move slightly due to the moisture in the air released from the instrument while playing

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