Current opinions of Yamaha p37e and Suzuki pro37 v3

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    MARK Issadore

    Most of the reviews that I read on the yamaha p37E were negative and most players favored the p37d model.
    I have had a p37d for years and just ordered a second one as the first one could use some tuning.
    I have been very happy with the p37D.
    It has a nice sweet sound and until now has held its tuning well after several years.
    Most players seem to favor the Suzuki m37c over the pro 37 v2.
    I would like to know if there is a more positive opinion about the v3 version,
    The pro is two and a half times the cost of the m37,$100 vs.$250
    The improvement in response and sound would have to be more than slight to justify the expense
    What are my Melodica Friends opinions?

    Dave Anderson

    Hello, I have a similar question. I’m new to Melodicaworld and relatively new to Melodicas.

    I have a Yamaha p37D and p37E. I like the D for playing with jazz with other people and the E for softer playing by myself. Frankly, I am very bothered by the poor tuning of both instruments out of the box. I was hesitant to jump into tuning myself, but I am becoming resigned to the fact that I will have to learn how to do this tedious chore.

    So I am intrigued by the Suzuki Pro37v3. The ad says that this one is “precision tuned” and I’m thinking that for $280 on Amazon, it must be on another level in terms of tone, action, and tuning. Or is that wishful thinking? I think Jon Batiste plays one of these (definitely a Suzuki, but he has stickers on his so you can’t tell the exact model.)

    Any experience with this one would be most appreciated. I’m thinking of returning my P37E and getting the Suzuki, but am still in research mode. Thank for your help. This looks like a great site and thanks for Daren for all the great resources.

    André Sant’Anna

    I have never found a melodica with a precise tuning from the factory. I’ve owned a Suzuki Pro 37v2 (the previous model, which is basically the same as the v3) and the tuning was a little better than the Yamaha ones, but I didn’t think it was good enough considering the price. Actually there’s only melodicas tuned well enough to play, they will never be perfectly in tune. I would say that the best thing you could do is to learn how to tune your melodica.

    Yes, Jon Baptiste plays a Suzuki Pro 37v2. Personally I think the tone of this melodica is very shrill and nasal. What can’t be denied is that it has a loud sound.

    In terms of cost-effectiveness, I would take the Suzuki Melodion M-37C. The build quality is very good, as the key action and tone too.

    Dave Anderson

    Thanks. After playing around with the Yamaha p37e and Suzuki M37c, I decided to return both of them and stick with the Yamaha p37D for now. I like the tone and action of the Yamaha p37d better than all the other ones, especially when I am playing with a jazz combo. I agree that none of these seem to be tuned well coming out of the factory. I actually bought a 2nd Yamaha p37d to learn to tune these things. I spoke to a person who tunes accordions and he wanted $400 to tune the melodica. That motivated me to bite the bullet and learn to tune it. I’m starting to get the feel for it now. I find that using an electric engraver helps a lot and gives me more control when I shave the reed. Thanks again, Dave

    Dave Anderson

    I found that I really preferred the short Yamaha mouthpiece over the Suzuki mouthpiece that came with the Suzuki m37c. I tried to order the very short MP141 mouthpiece from Suzuki, but was unable to get it from the US distributor.

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