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  • Hi
    I had the opportunity to buy a Borel Clavietta recently.
    I was and still am very reluctant to buy the instrument wit y the Corona virus going on.
    The seller cleaned the used mouthpiece as best he could
    Unfortunately new clavietta plastic mouthpieces are not available
    In addition the seller is a non musician and answered my very specific…[Read more]

  • MARK Issadore posted an update 9 months ago

    I recently got a Hohner piano 26 and 27.
    I can’t believe how sweet they sound and the fact that
    even chords sound clear on them.
    Amazon has the new Suzuki pro37 v3 for $229 which is a lot lower than the $315 I have seen it for on ebay.
    Has anyone tried it out?
    I spoke to someone from Suzuki usa and it seems that the only difference is…[Read more]

    • I have the M-37C have owned he Pro 37 v2 and the M-37C. I doubt, based on Suzuki’s history with new models, that the v3 is significantly different from the v2. In my opinion, the M-37C is superior in all respects other than the screw off release valve to the Pro 37 v2. I would be inclined to stick with the M-37C. Better to invest in acquiring a…[Read more]

  • MARK Issadore posted an update 10 months ago

    Does any one know for sure if the hohner mouthpiece for the 900 and 901 melodicas will fit the piano 26/ 27 piano melodicas
    I think the part is MA 25

  • Hi
    I decided not to put the mouthpieces in the refrigerator.
    I do not think that the cold will expand the
    mouthpieces or make them more flexible.
    I cleaned the tip of the melodica by using warm soapy water and then water.
    For now I will use it without the mouthpiece
    Hohner will sell me a new one for$20 plus shipping
    There are a couple of stores…[Read more]

  • hi
    I did not boil the melodica ,only the mouthpieces;
    i will try putting them in the refrigerator.
    Thanks, Oscar

  • Hi
    I just received my Hohner piano 26 which was highly recommended.
    It came with two mouthpieces.
    After trying to clean/ sterilize them by submerging them and bringing
    water, to a boil for a short time and them washing them in soapy water. I can’t get the mouthpieces to fit back on.
    I can’t notice any melted areas.
    Maybe they shrunk.
    Boy do I…[Read more]

    • Have you tried to put it in the refrigerator to see if it will expand? leave the mouth piece out so that it will not expand and maybe put that in a cup of warm water. My I ask why you boiled it? you could have just soaked it? you may have weaken all the glue that holds the seals and pads.

      • I think MARK means he boiled the two mouthpieces, not the whole melodica. So they expanded and did not contract sufficiently upon cooling? So maybe putting the mouthpieces in the freezer will resolve the issue? One of our members crafted new mouthpieces for these models a couple of years ago and was selling them on eBay. Amazon has some advertised…[Read more]

  • Hi
    Are the Hohner piano26 and 27 the same quality?
    Are the keys quiet or noisy when pressed and released?
    Are either of these. as good quality and sound wise as the Suzuki s32c melodica?
    So I have been asking some sellers various questions about the Hohner 26/27 they have for sale.
    Some do not even have the courtesy to return my emails.
    At…[Read more]

    • The original Piano 26 and 27 are of exactly the same build quality, Mark. They differ almost exclusively in their range of keys. Some prefer the tone of one or the other. I have heard it said that the tone of the 27 is a bit darker. I personally favor the 26, but it’s really a tossup. I have never been distracted by their level of key noise. It’s…[Read more]

      • I want to say “play,” not “pay”!

        Listen to Tor’s rendition of “Roland Alphonso,” Mark, if you haven’t already. There is the incomparable sound of the old Hohner Piano 26. If that doesn’t make you want to grab one as soon as possible, I don’t know what would.

        HiAre the Hohner piano26 and 27 the same quality?Are the keys quiet or noisy when pressed and released?Are either of these. as good quality and sound wise as the Suzuki s32c melodica? So I have been asking some sellers various questions about the Hohner 26/27 they have for sale.Some do not even have the courtesy to return my emails.At…[Read more]– MARK Issadore (@melosqueeze) August 24, 2019

  • Hi
    Are the Suzuki s32c and Hohner piano26 an octave higher than Alto melodicas?
    I have several melodicas including a Yamaha p25f.
    It sounds great but sometimes I feel that run out of keys when playing a song.
    I am thinking that I may be better off with the 32 key Suzuki soprano than the 26 key soprano Hohner.
    Is the S32c of the same quality as the…[Read more]

  • Hi
    Many thanks to Alan,Paul and a special thank you to Oscar for his detailed and response.

  • Thanks for the Clavietta info.
    What is your opinion of the Hohner piano 27?
    I believe it is an Alto and the Piano 26 is a Soprano.
    I love the shape but not the mini keys,I do not know if I would find the high notes on the 26 too piercing.
    Is the key bed noisy?
    Does it feel and sound more like a toy than an instrument?
    Most sellers on eBay will…[Read more]

    • Hi Mark. Read the reviews in the review section of this website. Five stars. Lowboy Bootay

    • The highest note on the Piano 26 (the gray metal one with the small keys) is C6, which is also the highest note in the keyboard layouts of almost all 32 key melodicas. This is not more piercing or shrill than C6 on other standard melodicas. This Piano 26 also definitely doesn’t sound more like a toy than other melodicas. If anything it has a…[Read more]

  • Does anyone know the difference between the Suzuki pro37v2 and v3 other than the higher price?
    I already have an M37c.
    I know that for some players that is preferred over the Pro 37 at half the cost.
    I also have a chance to buy a Clavietta, The seller even sent me a you tube video of him just
    playing all of the notes up the keyboard.He did not…[Read more]

    • Mark,

      I am one of those who prefer the Suzuki M-37C (or M-32C) over the Pro37v2. I think it has a smoother, somewhat less harsh sound. I doubt from what I have seen and read that the v3 is substantially different from the v2.

      It is very hard to get (or to refurbish) a Clavietta that does not leak so much that it is actually playable. I have…[Read more]

    • Mark, like Alan states, many leak as all Clavietta leak slightly, this does not make them un-playable. I have purchased several that leak about the same “slightly” and many that leak to the point where you can not hear a note. There are four key areas that I look for and it is usually one or two of them. 1) the most common is the washer that have…[Read more]

      • I have the same problem regarding the clanky keys. Fortunately my Clavietta has no leaks, from what I read in the forum, I’m considering myself a lucky guy! I will follow your tips and fix this problem myself, Melodica me. Am I not in danger of causing any leaking by doing this procedure of changing the key felts?

        • Hello Andre, if you have the the original old brown washers, just make sure that you replace them in the correct hole and make sure they are seated flat on the hole by simple turning them until they are flat and no air leaks. If you have replaced them with rubber or silicone washers you will not have any issues. you will need a very small screw…[Read more]

  • Hi
    I just purchased a Hohner piano36 on eBay.
    It sounds good so far.
    The keys are a little noisier than I am used to upon release, not when pressed at first.
    I think this might be the nature of the key bed construction and not a needed repair.
    If any of my fellow Melodica fiends has any info
    let me know.
    I have also discovered that lately on…[Read more]

    • I too follow sales of melodicas on ebay. Most of ebay sllers find a bargain ay yard sales and estate sales and are flipping Hohners just because of their knowledge of the market, not the instrument. A few wiill check to see that every key works but that is really no guarantee the condition is good.

  • MARK Issadore posted an update 12 months ago

    Hi Alan
    I just purchased the Hohner piano 36 on eBay.
    It appears to be in good shape.
    I will let you know how it works out

  • MARK Issadore posted an update 12 months ago

    I recently was outbid for a Clavietta on ebay .
    It happened the last few seconds before bidding expired
    It took me completely by surprise.
    I now have an opportunity to buy a Hohner piano 36
    Some of the reviews at Melodica World say that the keyboard is somewhat noisy
    Is it noisier than other melodicas to the point…[Read more]

    • It has a spit valve with a screw-on cap, Mark. I don’t think the keys are especially noisy; the instrument itself is fairly loud. I personally do not think it is an upgrade from the other melodicas you mention, but it does have a different sound that may be worth having in your collection. There are lots of these available, so I wouldn’t get…[Read more]

  • MARK Issadore posted an update 1 year ago

    Hi Melodica Me
    Thanks for your prompt response.
    I checked with my local accordion shop,Liberty Bellows in Philly and
    they do repair Claviettas as well as all types of accordions,etc
    I do not have the skill or patience to do my own repairs
    I also enjoy your music very much.
    Any opinion on the new Suzuki pro37 v3?
    The $300…[Read more]

    • Hi Mark, the Clavietta is not that difficult to repair although it is not at all like your other melodicas you have listed. The most common is leaks as many of the seals have dried and cracked due to time. You can replace those easily. If the brown gasket is leaking you can repair that easily as well. Many have been dropped and the air chamber…[Read more]

    • Generally speaking, if there is something on eBay you really really want, the only way to bid is via a sniping tool. I’ve found auctionSnioer to be really reliable. You just set the maxium you’re willing to go and they bid for you seconds before the auction ends.
      Yeah, it sucks, I know. But if you want to assure a win (or at least a fair cha…[Read more]

  • MARK Issadore posted an update 1 year ago

    I recently had an opportunity to buy a Clavietta on eBay.
    I am having second thoughts.
    The price was very reasonable.
    Are there even parts available?
    I do not know if my local accordion shop would even be able to repair or refurbish one and if the cost would be prohibative
    i own Yamaha p25f, p32d, and p37d pianicas
    I also have Suzuki m32c…[Read more]

    • Hello Mark, the Clavietta is a great melodica. You can probably make all the repairs your self. what parts do you need?

  • Hi It was very interesting to read Alan and Darren,s comments about the new yamaha p37e.
    It seems that it is not quite ready for prime time.
    I am glad that I did not purchase one.
    i have a yamaha p32d and p37 d.
    I also have a Suzuki m32c and m37 c.
    I am pleased with all four of them.
    All four melodicas were ready to play right out of the box…[Read more]

    • I’m still struggling with my assessment of the P-37E, Mark, though I do love its looks and sound.

      The keys of the Hammond 44s are actually the same size as those of the Suzuki M-37C. I have the acoustic Hammond, which I find too bulky for my everyday use. Its advantages from my point of view are a smoother and richer sound and the five extra…[Read more]

  • Hi
    I am interested in getting melodica stands that I can used for my suzuki m32c,m37c,yamaha p32d and p37d melodicas.
    I saw that Melodica Me ordered some from Rakkuten that are listed under “bass” stands for some reason.
    I don’t know which ones would be suitable that would work.
    I had seen On Stage small instrument stands on line but the space…[Read more]

    • Both Chuya and Rakuten are reliable. You might want to check into the handling and shipping fees. I don’t remember the situation with Chuya, but Rakuten has a range of options from which to choose. I now usually go with minimal handling and the small package option, 7-14 days I think it is. I believe Chuya handles new instruments, and I have…[Read more]

  • Hi
    I had tried a Hammond 44 out at the accordion shop I use for my accordion
    purchases and repairs.
    I was not impressed .
    It was more impressive when amplified.
    I felt that my Yamaha p37d and Suzuki m37c sounded just as good.
    The 44 note keyboard was more than I need.
    It is a shame that they don’t make a m37c or p32d with 1/4 inch jack volume…[Read more]

    • You can find the W-37 for the bargain basement price of $1287 on Rakuten. Too rich for me, but I’d have to hold one in my hands and play it to be sure that it’s not worth it. A W-32 would, however, be more likely to catch my attention.

  • MARK Issadore posted a new activity comment 2 years, 9 months ago

    Are the hammond 44s much heavier than my Suzuki m37c?Are they awkward to hold and play?
    What a shame they do not make a 37 or 41 key, like an accordion.

    • I have both and I am quite pleased with them. I do not find either to be too heavy, and I’ve pretty much stopped playing my Suzuki Pro37v2 since getting them.

      My only complaint is that the pickup has a very low output, and it really needs a clean boost to raise the output level to an acceptable one for many sound systems.

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