Suzuki Bass Melodion B-24 / B-24C

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The Suzuki corporation was established in 1953 in Hamamatsu, Japan. It has since grown into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of musical instruments for education.

Make: Suzuki
Model name: Bass Melodion B-24 / B-24C
Reed type: Multi reed plates, Nickeled plate according to Suzuki India, phosphor bronze according to Suzuki Japan
Dimensions: 33 x 11.5 x 6.3cm
Weight: 846g (case: 177g)
Keys: 24
Country of manufacture: Unknown
Player level: Pro
Mouthpiece: MP-121
Features: Bass
Year of manufacture: Unknown

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4 Reviews

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    Alan Brinton

    This is a very nice instrument, especially distinguished by its rich tones. It's hard for me to play, which is why I give it only four stars, somewhat reluctantly since I suspect that the difficulty has more to do with my inadequacy as a player than with a real deficiency in the instrument. It's hard to play because its notes are noticeably less responsive than those of any of my alto melodicas; it takes more wind. But I'm thinking now that this is because it is a bass instrument, and it's harder to produce lower tones on longer reeds, producing tones of greater wave-length. I'm thinking it's not really meant to be played as if it were an alto on steroids, an alto with much deeper, richer tones, but able to be played with the same facility. In any case, I'm not yet able to play it well enough to decide whether it should get 5 stars. I get a 3 star experience playing the B-24, but it sure looks and sounds like a 5 star instrument; so I give it four stars for now. My bad, perhaps. The few people who have heard me play it tell me that the B-24 is my best sounding melodica.rnrnMy guess is that this is quite like the Hammond B-24H but less expensive and without a pickup.

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    Here's my blow by blow review. rnI own a Suzuki B-24 as well as a Hammond BB. In comparison it's clear right off bat that the Hammond BB feels and looks of a better quality. The Susuki has a brighter tone which is good for a bigger louder sound, when played in octaves you can get a nice trombone effect where as the Hammond when played in octaves you get more of a French horn sound, well sort of. both very useful sounds. The Susuki B-24 does not have a built in pick up as the Hammond, but for recording this is not an issue because frankly the pick ups on the Hammond are not of good quality and a microphone is a much better choice for recording, I like the dependable Electrovice RE 20 for this application. I would say that the response on the Hammond is slightly quicker than the Suzuki (and I mean slightly). I prefer the trumpet mouth piece provided with Hammond BB over the straight one provided with the Susuki (personal preference), note they are interchangeable between both. Cost wise the Hammond is about $100-$150 bucks more depending on where you get yours from, now mostly only found on Ebay from Japan, beware of shipping cost and delivery time if ordering from the US. I reviewed the Hammond BB a while back so check that one out too. All in all I like the Suzuki B-24 its a nice melodica to own. rnMelodica-Me

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    I would like to make a clarification in my first comment of "better quality" Both models basically use the same housing but the Hammond has tight even gapped ivory keys where as the Suzuki has white keys that are a little clanky and appear to have a slightly larger gap between keys. Also when you place your hand in the strap the Suzuki has a cheap thin plastic one where the Hammond is a thick cushioned strap that feels much more comfortable. Look and feel of better quality. Sorry for the confusion if any.

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    The Suzuki B-24 Bass Melodion is a great instrument with an excellent tone, an appreciable coloration, and a wonderful build quality. The instrument is somewhat tricky to play, as it requires more air - much in the way that bellowed free-reed instruments require it, but if you breathe deeply, and push in air before you depress the keys, it works a lot better. It's gonna take me some time to learn this instrument properly, but the overall vibe of this instrument puts it in a higher regard than other melodicas I've played. This is now my primary instrument :P

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