Hammond Soprano

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Hammond are best known for their classic organs, which they began manufacturing in 1935. After a golden age in the 60s, they struggled after switching from tonewheel organs to integrated circuits in the 70s. When they eventually went bankrupt in 1985, Suzuki, who had been manufacturing melodicas since the 1960s, bought the Hammond name.

Make: Hammond
Model name: Soprano
Reed type: Multi reed plates, phosphorous bronze plated
Keys: 27
Country of manufacture: Unknown
Player level: Pro
Features: Soprano range
Year of manufacture: 2015

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    The Hammond Soprano SS also know as the S-27 was released a couple of years ago with little to no fanfare, I actually found it by accident. The Hammond Soprano, like its big brothers the HP 44 and Hyper are only found on Japanese sites, thank god for google translate. Also like its big brothers the build quality is excellent. I really like the feel of it in my hand and the how fast the key response is. One thing not like the big boys is the keyboard is a bit noise at the key release, not noticeable with the pick-up but a little noticeable when recording with a mic. I did have to gap some of the high notes right out of the box which was a little tricky because the reeds are small and over gapping is very easy to occur. The sound of the soprano is that of a piccolo flute and a recorder ( only in the lower register notes). Unlike the recorder the sound is very stable and does not waver when the air pressure is reduced slightly. I originally was going to but the Suzuki Andes for a flute sound I needed and was delighted to hear the Hammond Soprano prior to the purchase. Just like the other Hammond Melodions the price of this one is a bit on the high side. The Melodion is not for everyone so unless you have a specific need you may not use this one too much. I purchased the Hammond Soprano to use it on a Brazilian Samba we just recorded and it was a perfect fit for that style of music. I also use it at the Tuesday jamm sessions when playing Jazz with a Latin groove. I give this (4) stars because of the noisey key response. It's a fun melodica to play and people like to here it and actually ask me to bring it to play. rnMelodica-MernMonsters of Melodica

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