Pál Krammer



Pál Krammer

When did you start playing melodica?


What is your playing level?


What musical genres are you interested in?

Jazz, pop, rock, classical

What is your musical background?

I play mostly tenor saxophone.   Over the last decade or so I have dabbled in other (mostly reed) instruments: clarinet, harmonica, bagpipe chanter, recorders, and electronic keyboard.

Just recently I have become interested in accordions, which I find fascinating and I’ve given myself a year to study them before thinking of which one I might buy.  My interest in accordions led me to discover the melodica, which also interests me.   I just bought a Yamaha P-32D, which is nice.

What melodicas do you play?

Yamaha P-32D, bought in Jan. 2020.

Anything to add?

I would like to see the melodica treated as a serious instrument.   Sadly, harmonicas, recorders, and melodicas are often seen as instruments only for children.   I am helping to try to change the perception.