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When did you start playing melodica?


What is your playing level?


What musical genres are you interested in?

Reggae, Blues, Ska, Indie

What is your musical background?

Harmonica (10 years, advanced – Blues, Reggae, Ska, Indie), Guitar (3 years, intermediate at blues slide and fingerstyle), Ukulele (2 years, intermediate), Dijeridoo (15 years, intermediate), Drums (30 years, but not really that diligent)

What melodicas do you play?

A vintage Hohner Student M-20 and a modern Hohner Student 32.

Anything to add?

After owning a modern Hohner student melodica for a couple of years, I just bought a vintage Hohner student model, and I really love this new axe! It’s really inspired me to get back into the Melodica in a bigger way than I have been. As a fairly proficient Harmonica player, I am loving the tones I can get from my Melodicas, and I’m starting to incorporate them in my music, which is based around a solo “one man band” with a looper and some foot percussion. I love mixing Blues and Reggae/Ska, and the melodica really lends itself to that mix!

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