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When did you start playing melodica?


What is your playing level?


What musical genres are you interested in?


What is your musical background?

Born in 1987, living in Tokyo.

Professional player and researcher.

Study under Pianica-Maeda,Masa Matsuda, Fumihiko Natsuaki.


Start the melodica live then I was 16 years old.

My Repertoire are, Polka, Musette, Waltz, etc.

Has a reputation in the only approach to overturn the common sense of melodica,

and style to play with both hands holding a instrument in the vertical (the left hand is foul trick),

it has attracted the audience with transcendence speed playing technique.

Since 2014 worked as accompanist of Pianica Maeda.

Also to be chosen as a professional player of “Melodion Festival” produced by Suzuki instrument.

From 2016, Teach a melodicas as the first domestic HOHNER dedicating lecturer in japan.

Operating Japanese melodica site which has the number one access and information.


Organize many melodica seminars and workshops, the Andes study group, collaboration with many artists,

And working towards the popularization and improvement of melodica.

Belong to “Tokyo melodica orchestra”


Keywords: Pianonymous / melodica player / melodion player / Kenhamo player / keyboard harmonica player /




What melodicas do you play?

Suzuki Melodion M-37C

Suzuki Melodion M-37

Suzuki Melodion M-37 Plus

Yamaha Pianica P-32D

Yamaha Pianica P-37D

Hammond pro 44

Kikutani melody mate 32

Suzuki melodion MA-32

Suzuki melodion A-34

Suzuki melodion S-27

Tombo pianohorn PH-27

Tokai pianica PC-1

Suzuki andes25F

Hohner student 32

Hohner Super force

and more…


Anything to add?

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