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    Alan Brinton

    The Suzuki MA-32 (“Super II”) Melodion, which is no longer in production, has a unique sound in comparison with all other melodicas. I find this sound to be very pleasing, and I’ve been thinking for a long time about how to describe it. I’m inclined to say it has more of a harmonica sound than others. “Melodic” and “musical” have occurred to me, but those seem like strange terms for describing how one melodica sounds unlike others. My Jazz player brother says the word “pure” comes to his mind, and I think there is a kind of purity to it’s sound.

    I was at a small orchestra performance a few days ago that featured a woodwind section, and it has now occurred to me that the Super II sounds very much like an oboe. This morning I listened to a favored recording of Telemann’s oboe concertos after playing the Super II, and sure enough it sounds quite a lot like an oboe. I then got out my early 1960s Hohner Piano 26 and realized that it too has a woodwind sound, though not of an oboe in particular.

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