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    What’s the main difference between the older melodica’s that have keys to be played with both hands, the newer models only with the right hand. Which is best (for piano student), or is it not that important?


    If I should buy the old model, it would be 2nd hand for 10€€
    If I should buy a new one, I tend to buy a hohner Student 32 for 60€. Good idea?

    My idea is to have something away from the piano to play with. Will it help me in my piano playing, and will it help to develop overall musicianship?
    Can you play chords (3 simulktanious tones) with a melodica?


    Hi Johand

    The old one is an early Hohner. These look great, but won’t help you much with your piano playing or general musicianship. I’d recommend going for a new one. Either the Hohner Student 32 you’ve suggested, or better still (for quality and sound) a Yamaha P32D.

    Yes, you can play chords with a melodica

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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