Trip Report from Montego Bay


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    So our trip to Jamaica was highlighted by a truly great house band at the resort where my wife and I stayed in Montego Bay. Every night the band played outside with a beautiful backdrop of the bay and mountains. We never tired of listening to them as they play a wide range of music (mostly reggae but also some very hard-to-play American pop songs which they nailed).

    The recording below–made with nothing more than a pocket recorder–show just how good the band and the soundman were.

    When I asked young people what music they listened to, the answer was uniformly reggae and dancehall.

    Bob Marley is legend. The entertainment one night included watching a documentary on Bob Marley’s life. Bob was born as poor as one could be and just after he started playing stadiums all over the world, he died of skin cancer.

    I wish I brought my melodica as one night there was a talent show.

    Click to hear great house band.


    Lowboy Bootay


    Wow, wasn’t expecting that!

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