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    Found an old M36.
    Seller said the keys are stucking, he tryed to open it and failed.

    The sidescrews had been nearly destroyed ( the heads), one was very hard to loosen, but i got it free.
    He mixed up the screws.The sideplates have 4 screws an only two of them have the same lenght. (see pictures)

    The stucking keys problem was caused by the metal plate under the keys. I moved it half a millimeter to one side and now all the keys are free.
    One screwnut was missing ( the one that is loosly put in the sideplate to screw the backplate on) and i made one out of a plasticcard.
    The airchamber is not leaking, so i let it closed.
    All tones are sounding ok and this model is very loud.
    The keys are loud also. 😉

    Only the spitrelease button is probably not working as it should, i am not shure.
    The overall buildquality is good, but not great.
    Produktionyear possible 1982? 3082 is stamped on the inside.

    Pictures: M36



    So, my model of M36 is not made in 1982.It should be the first model made around the early 70`s.
    The number stamped on the airchamber seem to be the running number of produktion?

    Detailpictures (also to see if more links in one post are working again):
    m 36
    m 36 back
    m 36 side
    m 36 airchamber left
    m 36 airchember right

    Alan Brinton

    This is the first model, sold 1962-74. I’m not sure about the number. I think, though, that your guess about it being indicative of the production run is correct. Mine has a lower number.


    I want to know the true purpose of these rubber bladders which only seem to be found in some models of Suzukis and no where else in the melodica world.

    Lowboy you may want to read my post on the Suzuki B24 Bass Melodion – Gapping thread. Wherein I try to bypass the bladder with unexpected results?
    Which has made me more curious.



    Alan Brinton

    The Hohner Bass Melodica also has one. Melodica Me has posted about this.

    Gerald de Peralta

    I was actually tempted to remove that rubber patch in my newly-acquired M-36 and seal it with patching material. My older version M-37 also has this bladder, but not my newer one.

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