Study with Hohner Piano 26, Vox Amp, Harp Delay, and Moog Delay

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    I just thought I would post this study for those who may have an interest in listening to me jam around in a solo format for 8 minutes. 🙂 Well, let me make that sound a bit more interesting.

    This was a down and dirty study of using a Hohner Piano 26 and a Vox AC10C1 guitar amp. The signal chain was keyboard harmonica to a Shure SM57 mic directly into the Vox. That is it. Mic and amp. I connected a decent quality shotgun mic to my pocket recorder and placed the mic in front of the amp’s speaker.

    No signal processing or effects at all except for the amp’s on-board reverb in the first part of the recording. Deep into the recording I add some delay and I note that in the recording.

    I like this setup a lot for a raw sound for electric blues. I can get a nice clean sound, or when I lay into the mic and amp, it gets dirty dirty dirty. This recording also shows some of the modulations possible with the Piano 26.

    This is just a jam, so I will probably only leave this recording up for a few days. I am going to try to get serious about a high quality blues recording this weekend, playing behind a nice blues backing track using my hard disk recorder. I will post the results of that on my SoundCloud page.

    Click here for the recording.



    Melanie Undem

    awesome and inspiring – i am a new melodica player and man am i appreciating -thanks all for their sharings…uplifting! its going to be a great new year!!


    Lowboy – I’m glad i caught this before you take it down.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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