Study in Melodica Sound Modulations

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    Here is another free improvisation/study illustrating melodica sound modulations generated through breadth control, humming, melodica movement, and other simple techniques. The instrument was a Hohner HM-27 or HM-32 (I forgot) played into a Green Bullet mic connected directly to a Vox tube amp with some onboard reverb (mucho reverb). No pedals or other effects. Recorded to a Yamaha PR7 pocket recorder using a good quality Audio-Technica stereo mic. As always, if you use headphones or good quality playback equipment, you can hear the subtleties in the music. Given it is a solo performance, it also helps to listen at a volume at least as loud as a melodica is when it is played at moderate volume.

    This is not my usual style of music, but these studies help push the boundaries and get me thinking. I am seeing great potential in humming into the melodica to get a raspy sound much like sax players do. In addition, really weird things start to happen when you consider and play with the entire sound chamber starting with your lungs, throat, mouth cavity, air column in the melodica, and reed plate chamber. Some old Hohners are good for this as they have large internal volumes that are perhaps 20 or more times (gut level guess) than that of many other melodicas.



    Great studies Lowboy!

    Daren Banarsë

    Some really interesting sounds there Lowboy. The whole recording’s like a modern composition in itself. Very evocative

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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