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    In the 1970s some Russian accordinas have been made with B-system layout, see “accordina de facture russe 1970”

    Who knows what factory in Russia they were made?
    Is there any information on the weight in grams or kg of these Russian accordinas?
    Would like to compare the weight with my 1 kg André Borel accordina.


    someone playing a (1960s-1970s?) so called “Bayanita 43” (Баянита 43)

    B-system layout, 43 buttons (?)
    sounds different than a French accordina, maybe melodica style reedplates, and some plastics were used (?)
    No information yet on the exact weight of this Bayanita compared to a French accordina

    if someone has further information on the dimensions, construction, weight, any info is welcome


    I don’t have any informations about it , but I liked listening to this!


    It’s the only video I could find with this instrument.
    If we could find the patent, we could have a look at the drawings and have more information on the position of the reeds / reed plates: reeds in horizontal position or in vertical position (= French accordina).
    My guess would be the reeds are lying flat in horizontal position, but only guessing.

    The bayanita-43 name could be referring to a year of patent application, 1943 (?), being the same year André Borel made his chromatic harmonicon patent application in the USA.
    Because the number of buttons seem to be 45, and not 43.

    I’ve read online a specimen was sold at an auction beginning 2015. There it was called a Hohner Varieta 45.
    But the Hohner company has no traces of a Hohner Varieta 45.
    Another guess is this instrument is made in the Ukraine (mass produced ?) or a Russian made. It looks to be a cheap mass production music instrument. But maybe it was not a success and only a limited number was made?

    Maybe some more videos and info will pop up online.


    Googling, I can see some theoretical similarities with a 2001 German Seydel patent for a chromatic button melodica / wind instrument.
    The patent can be viewed at the office patent:

    Figure 1 in this patent shows the reeds are in a horizontal position, same way most melodica reed plates and reeds are.


    This instrument in the video calls “Баянита 43” – Bayanita 43

    Russians have special different names for Button Accordion. It calls “Bayan” (Баян). Well, technically it is also has slightly different construction (for example, reeds are placed on single plate, like in melodica!) but roughly you can consider it as Button Accordion. So very often Button Melodica they call Bayanita. But name Accordina also is used.
    Here is interning review of another classic and self-made MIDI accordina (only in Russian):

    P.S. Button accordion in Russia significantly popular than keyboard one.


    New playing videos

    Anton Tokman

    “Баянита 43” (Bayanita 43) was produced in the end of 1960s- beginning of 1970s at the Rostov bayan factory (Ростовская баянная фабрика). Based on bayan “Rostov-Don” parts. Factory is abandoned since 1992.

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