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    Antonio Freixas

    As far as I know (and I hope someone will prove me wrong), there isn’t any scientific research specifically on melodicas (there is research on other Western free reed instruments, some of which may apply to melodicas).
    I’ve put together a web site where we can discuss the science of melodicas. It’s at

    Why a new site? Why not Melodica World or something on Facebook? Check the “About” page on my site.

    The site currently contains several relevant background physics articles. I’ve tried to answer just two questions and both are about the mouthpiece.
    If you’d like to participate, you’ll need to register. If I know who you are, your name may be all I need to grant you access. Alternately, you can point me to some web content that lets me know you are a melodica fan. I don’t want to put a lot of restrictions on the site, but I don’t want spammers either, so I’m verifying everyone who requests an account.

    You don’t need to be a physicist to join (I’m trying to recruit some, though; if you know any, send them my way!). You may just have questions. Perhaps you’re willing and able to run tests (there’s nothing as good as actual experimental results). Or you may have relevant empirical knowledge.

    If you just want to lurk, that’s fine, but you’ll need an account if you want to subscribe to be notified about any activity. I do not expect the site to be busy most of the time, so subscribing is about the only reasonable way to learn about new postings.

    This is not a site for chit-chat or socializing. It’s also not a site for questions that cannot be answered objectively.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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