Hohner P36 arrived

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    Jerry Ballard

    So I ended up getting a Hohner P36 on E-bay that is ostensibly an older, German model. Not sure how I can confirm, but its not significant.
    Impressions (keeping in mind that my main point of reference is my Vibrandoneon…)
    A little more throw on the keys than I like, but largely feels pretty good. One key (middle ‘F’) seems to need to be babied a bit, but all are as good as on new models I’ve tried in stores.
    Tone on individual notes is quite nice for most of the range, better (IMO) than most of the other plastic models I’ve briefly played.
    Chords are another matter. There’s a lot of dissonance in tightly voiced chords.
    Overall, it’ll be a nice instrument to have laying around to grab for quick ideas.

    That said, there will be one use for it that I’ll find really valuable.
    Playing my Vibrandoneon afterwards serves as a reminder of what an order of magnitude greater Victoria achieved over any other instrument with theirs. It makes me grateful that I was lucky enough to get to own and play one.

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