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    Hello Melodica World,

    Apologies in advance if this is posted in the wrong section. I have been absolutely entranced since I discovered the Claviola on YouTube. I know these are fairly hard to come by, and sold listings are scarce. I essentially have two questions:

    1) What would be the best way to find one of these lovely instruments? I’ve been refreshing Reverb, Facebook and eBay to no avail.

    2) What will I need to know about care maintenance if I am able to find one? I’m assuming it would be slightly different than taking care of my Suzuki MX-32C

    Thank you!


    I found mine on Ebay many years ago. Set up a search notification, so you’ll get an email if one’s listed.

    I was very lucky with mine, it seemed to be in completely unused condition. I’ve only played it on rare occasions, so hasn’t needed any maintenance so far.



    That’s good to hear that your Claviola remains in top playable form!

    I have set up notifications on eBay and reverb, I just was not sure if there were additional platforms I should check. I’ve rarely even seen common melodicas for sale on local classifieds.

    Do you have a Suzuki Andes 25/25F as well? I feel like that would be an interesting pairing on recordings.


    No, I don’t have one of those…!


    Very interesting, of course I googled Claviola and quickly found Rory a visually impaired guy who has a collection of instruments, his video had a wonderful sound of the Claviola.
    Then I listened to the 12 days of Christmas where he demonstrates all of his instruments. Lots of wind powered instruments and strings, I’ll put a link to it.
    One of the instruments in a bass harmonica, I wonder if thats the sound I hear in the Beatles fool on the hill? anyone know what that chunky haaaa haaaa sound is.
    But getting back to the subject, what a wonderful find, and also great that the instrumnet is in good shape, I wonder if it takes much breath power?

    opps, back in to add a link


    Thanks for sharing Leonard! It never ceases to amaze me how talented Rory is, or how extensive his collection of exotic instruments is!


    I hope everyone has been well! I knew these were rare, but I am surprised just how rare they truly are! I have yet to see one listed anywhere in 2022. I have saved searches set up on eBay and Reverb, but I’m totally open to suggestions for alternative marketplaces.

    Luis melodion

    Hello, I know someone here in Mexico that was trying to sell a Hohner Claviola in black color.

    He was asking 1500 bucks if I remember well, if you are agree I can share with you his contact. Regards and have a nice day. ❤️


    Hi Luis,

    First of all I love watching your videos on YouTube! Always brightens my day.

    Yes I would very much like his contact. Thank you for reaching out!


    Hello all, I am still searching but have yet to give up hope! Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!


    You can find one in Germany if that’s an option for you:


    This is a well-established repair shop and store for accordions and related instruments including vintage melodicas. It’s also a good source for Claviettas. They test and tune all instruments before selling them.

    To translate the German text I recommend (copy and paste the text to translate):



    Thank you for sharing, Carola! I am hoping I can commit quick enough before it is gone.


    Stefan Bartels

    Hello everybody!
    So it seems the Claviola is still up for sale; no wonder at a price of more than 2400 Euros.
    Makes me think that building your own (cf 3D-printed melodica) might be an interesting project, if we can find out how it worked. is there any info around?
    Good luck finding your Claviola!


    Hi Stefan, you might find this 1995 patent useful. I don’t speak German!

    Claviola patent 01

    Claviola patent 02

    Claviola patent 03

    Claviola patent 04

    Claviola patent 06

    Claviola patent Ernst Zacharias Hohner 07

    Claviola patent Ernst Zacharias Hohner 08

    Stefan Bartels

    Thank you, that looks very interesting. A different layout than the Claviola, but the principle is clear. If there is interest amongst the melodicologists, I can do a translation of the passages related to construction etc.

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