Hohner 44 reed broken. Help

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    AvatarYannis Dimitriadis

    Hi all
    i’m a new forum member and i’m seeking some help
    I have the Hohner 44 melodica but unfortunately the mid-G key is broken. Actually not the key itself, but the metal reed beneath the key. The note is dead…

    Some months ago i send the melodica to an accordion technician here in Greece to fix, it but he could not find a replacement of the reed… He told me that i would have to buy a new metallic reed which includes not only the broken G-note but others too (i think is an octave or something like this)

    Do you guys have any idea where i could fix it or find a replacement? I know i can find nothing here in Greece, where the hammond is relatively rare… I prefer a european country for financial reasons. It’s also easier to send/receive parts etc

    Thanx for any input



    Hi Yannis!

    I just replaced the reeds in my Hammond 44HP last night.

    I’m in the US and it was difficult to find replacement reeds here too. Suzuki US said they were out of stock and couldn’t tell me exactly when they’d be in other than that it’d be a while.

    So, thanks to another forum member here, who provided contact info, I ordered them from Japan. The info is: westmusic_2@shop.rakuten.co.jp
    Att: Go Kawamoto

    I bought two full sets of replacement reeds for approximately $150 USD including shipping. As far as I can tell, the reeds are only sold in full sets, so you can’t buy just the one reed plate you need alone.

    They are very easy to install yourself, though, although it does involve unscrewing many small screws.


    Hello Yannis, have you opened the melodica to see if the reed is actually broken and not just stuck. Unless it is badly out of tune it may just be caught in the reed plate and not sounding. It is easy to open and check. The site that Binyomin list is a great site if you do need to replace the reed plate, don’t forget to order the paper gasket in case you tear yours removing the reed plate. Also you do not need to replace all the plates unless the tone is off. Save them for when another reed breaks.
    Monsters of Melodica

    AvatarYannis Dimitriadis

    Thanx for the input guys

    Binyomin, i think i should order a full set of reeds. Thanx

    Melodica-Me, the reed is broken. It was not but the ignorant “technician” broke it totally! It’s not a matter of tuning it, but replacing it…So i will replace the upper plate and leave in place the lower one – the melodica is not out of tune.

    AvatarYannis Dimitriadis

    Hello guys, again…

    So i send my inquiry to Mr. Kawamoto but, unfortunately, they don’t have stock of the required items in Japan. They were polite but couldn’t help more…

    Any idea where i could go?
    Do Hammond-Suzuki in the USA have them?

    Thank again

    AvatarShannon M

    Hi Yannis,

    Following your troubles, you might try Suzuki-Japan directly.


    In japanese, but Google does a pretty good job at translating. I believe what you need is toward the bottom on the right


    AvatarYannis Dimitriadis

    Thank again

    Well, it seems that my first post was …wrong! I posted about a “Hohner 44 melodica”, where my melodica is of course a HAMMOND 44 melodica! MY fault, sorry to perplexe you guys

    So i will try to get in contact with Hammond in Europe, which is situated in Netherlands.
    The japanese site Shannon send me has a “global menu” and it sends all european users to Netherlands…

    Wish me luck
    I never thought fixing a reed plate would be such a big problem…


    There is no such thing as a Hohner 44. I assumed and answered you for the Hammond 44. It is made by Suzuki. (Suzuki owns the “Hammond” brand.)


    Oh, and that’s odd, because I emailed today about buying a spare set for my Hammond 44 (non HP this time) as well as the paper gasket, and got back a response with two links for Hammond 44 and Hammond 44HP reeds. It seems that they don’t have the gasket, though, although it could just be a translation/comprehension issue, as they don’t read English, but use translation software instead.

    Here are the links he sent me. The first os for the Hammond 44 reeds and the second is for the Hammond 44 HP reeds.

    AvatarYannis Dimitriadis


    there are no links on your post 🙂 Maybe a typo

    I would appreciate if you re-send

    AvatarYannis Dimitriadis

    I think i found the solution
    I came in contact with Hammond Suzuki in Netherlands and i have two solutions
    Either they send me the reed plate and i have to fix/tune it, or
    I send them my melodica and they do all the job
    Solution no1 is a little cheaper, but i’m afraid i can’t fix it and tune it myself.
    So i might opt for solution no 2


    Here are those links again. I’m not sure why they didn’t post last time.

    Hammond 44 Reeds

    Hammond 44HP Reeds

    AvatarYannis Dimitriadis

    Thanx Binyomin
    I think i’ll ship it to Holland
    It will be faster and the cost will be just a little more expensive than buy the plate from Japan and pay someone to install/tune them in Greece


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