Difference quality yamaha p32 or p37

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    Im considering buying the yamaha p32 or p37. I noticed on the melodica rating board here, that the p37 is rated pro, and the p32 is intermediate. I was wondering if the p37 is a higher quality melodica, or that the only difference between the two is the amount of keys?
    Also i noticed that some said that the p32 is much lighter and easier to play. Is this a big difference? Thnks


    Hi Simchaleh.

    The ratings were a rough guideline, some of them guesses, to give an indication of the quality of the melodica. From Alan’s input, I think we can consider both of these melodicas to be pro standard. Very similar models – it’s just whether or not you require those extra few keys. I’ll update the description now, to make it ‘pro’.

    Alan Brinton

    They seem pretty much the same to me except for number of keys. Below are the specs from Yamaha. In my reviews and comments I have expressed a preference for 32 key melodicas because they’re easier for me to hold in my hand and easier for me to play. But I regard myself as a hobbyist rather than a musician, and these are just personal preferences. I recommended the P37 to my friend who is a professional musician (pianist), and it has worked out well for him. He started out with my P32. He says the P32 “cuts” a little better, but I’m sure he’s using those extra keys, and the P37 and P32 sound the same to me. I wouldn’t worry about the weight difference; the P37 isn’t that much heavier than the P32. Depth and height are the two dimensions that I would consider, in relation to the size of my hand.


    Width 483mm
    Height 49mm
    Depth 102mm
    Weight 790g


    Width 425mm
    Height 49mm
    Depth 96mm
    Weight 650g


    thnks everyone for the feedback.
    intreswting that also the depth is different in the p37.


    Hello Troy, may I suggest adding a section at the bottom of the reviews that the participants make. I think it is important that the reader understands the level of knowledge and experience of these instruments the person who is giving the review and how long they have played the melodica / melodion they are commenting on. It is just as important to here from a bigger/novice as it is from a professional.
    A professional may offer comment on quality, performance, and repairs based on years of experience, where as A beginner / novice may offer comments regarding affordability, Esthetics, easy to play. An intermediate player may offer comments on transitions from a student model melodica / melodion to a professional model one or if the model he started with was a good choice or maybe not so good. I have purchased musical instruments since 1969 and I admit that sometimes I chose poorly, prior to that my parents chose poorly. I do read the review of all the instruments I purchase and I always check the level of knowledge of the person giving the review.

    something like this:

    Check one
    I am a beginner/novice 0-3 years
    I am an Intermediate player 3-5 years
    I am a professional / musician 5-10

    Or this section can be added to the participant page:

    Check one
    I have never played a melodica, but I want to learn or I am interested
    I have played Melodica/Melodion for:
    0-6 Months
    6-1 Months
    1 year-3 Years
    3 years and above
    I am a professional Musician
    I am a music instructor
    I am a composer / arranger
    I sell musical instruments

    or something like that,

    Also possibly a section where they can list what melodicas they own.

    I own and play the following Melodicas/ Melodions

    Hohner piano 36
    Yamaha P37
    Hohner Alto Melodica

    Thanks for this great site

    Alan Brinton

    I like the idea, though completing a review shouldn’t be too onerous a task. Maybe a more robust approach to member profiles + a highlighted suggestion in the Reviews section to click on the reviewer’s name for his or her profile. I like most of your suggestions for profile information, Melodica-Me, though I think they might be better presented in a description of the kinds of information that are appropriate for a profile rather than as a list of blanks to be filled. The beginner-intermediate-professional classification might be problematic in that someone could be an intermediate music player/student but have only recently taken up the melodica. I’m at the intermediate level, for example, relative to formal study of the piano, but I still feel like a novice melodica player. One thing I’m really good at is buying melodicas.

    I am also very grateful for the existence of this site and the opportunity to interact with serious musicians and other melodica enthusiasts.


    Alan, I agree that maybe the “Click On The Reviewers Name” may be a better idea, there the reviewer can qualify his experience if he wishes.


    Thanks Alan and Oscar. This sort of feedback is most welcome. I’m working on it!!


    Ok, you should be able to update your profile now with some extra fields. Adding a link from the review to the reviewer’s profile will take some time, as I need someone else to make the modifications…

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