Another wooden Suzuki sighting

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    This video came up in my feed recently:
    the fellow describes it as a Suzuki made of wood. Which it appears to be.
    Does anyone have a lead on these now? Are they actually being manufactured? Perhaps only available in Japan?


    Sounds like a standard melodica, so it looks like the wood is just decoration. Reminds of a Yamaha that I upgraded with ebony keys, simply to stop the plastic keys wearing out from all my practise!

    ebony melodica

    Alan Brinton

    It looks like a Pro-37v2.


    I love that Yamaha with wood keys!
    I am new to melodica, I’m a harmonica player and make wood covers for all me harps. I just bought my son a ne Suzuki melodica to replace his broken keyboard ( he is mainly a trumpet player) and got myself an old Hohner Piano 20. I’d love to rebuild the Hohner as an all wood instrument! But maybe I should save all that work for something with a bigger range.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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