AKM 333320

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    David Evanson

    Got this from Facebook:
    Zvika Dror Sparrow · Ol3cth5lober3 8 nsat h65r8:289 AM ·
    Silent Melodica is not yet available, but this is my 2nd AKM320 (the first was bought in blue directly from the factory and traded for bicycle… long story). There are newer models with pads and knobs and wireless BT, but I got this to have the wheels closer to my left hand for more articulations playing vertically. I don’t even need a pc for practice, just a mobile phone with walkband or another midi app.
    Now I’m ready for night practice sessions!
    Zvika Dror Sparrow
    I’ve glued a small USB/HDMI connector cap to the back of the AKM320, to keep it in a Ukulele Strap (with a hook to put on the sound hole edge), and will try to play with it and hopefully it won’t fall off while I try…

    So what is an AKM33320, where is it available, and why is it different?

    Rey Florian

    Hi David, AKM320 is a MIDI keyboard available on amazon. you will find it at https://www.amazon.com/midiplus-32-Key-Midi-Controller-AKM320/dp/B00VHKMK64?th=1.

    For the price, I think I’ll try to buy one also for my very morning sessions 😉
    Good day.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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