Reply To: Reed Plates

Gayle Wilson

Anyone know if/where I can buy reed plates for a Hammond 44? I’ve blown the high G. I have a call in to Ray, the tech guy at Hammond, but am still waiting to hear back. I bought my melodian from Hammond in 2009 but since Suzuki bought them out a few years ago, Hammond no longer sells them. A while back, the hard-flex mouthpiece broke at the base where it goes into the blowhole…I was able to buy that part separately from Hammond but I got their last three (two for me and one for a Hammond-44 playing friend.) Wasn’t too impressed that they only had three of these things left with no plans to get more and no reference as to where to go from here for parts. Hopefully, Ray can sell me reed plates. They’ll fix it for me for about $150 but I think I can do it myself. Is it just a matter of unscrewing and taking the old ones off and screwing the new ones on? So far, I tune my melodian and have fixed other things that have gone wrong and I’d like to continue doing so because I love it even though it does have some problems. If I were to buy a new Hammond 44 HP from Japan, I think I might still have the problem I’m having now and that is, where do I get parts?

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