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Hello Zoran, is it Martin Maurer who is working on your Pro 36? Are you sure this is what he is saying, or can it be a problem in the translation. In order to take out the keys, you have to remove the end cap closes to the high notes (if you un-screw the brass screws on the side you will a flat point and a sharp point remove the side where it is flat). Once you do, you will see the pin (piano wire). You will need a pair of vise grip pliers to gently pull out the round pin (the pin can be tight, so take your time) at the back of the keys, it is the length of the Melodica. Only remove the first two keys so you can see how it is done (tip, at the the closes point to the Melodica gently rotate the pin to looses while pulling it out). Be careful not to bend the long pin as you will need to reinstall it once you are done. After the pin is in the right position you can remove a key (you will see the key drop a little at the rear of the key) this means that the pin has cleared the back of the key and you can now remove the key by simply lifting the key from the front tip of the key allowing it to clear the stops. Now simply push the key to the rear and you will now have access to the key to work on it outside of the Melodica. Once you have made your repairs and have installed all the pads, replace the pin by pushing it in from the closes to the Melodica with the vise grip pliers (rotating while pushing in) and not at the far end as you can bend the pin and you will then have to replace it. Once all is back to normal you will need to silicone the end cap (inside th Melodica) so no air can leak. I will take some pictures and post in the next couple of days to help in my How To discription.

I revised the post to clarify the steps. I hope this helps you.
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