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Hello Eric, I can get a close accordion sound by using a chorus pedal (by Warped Vinly) a delay pedal (Mooger Fooger) with a little reverb (Cathedral pedal). You will need a boost pedal to bring up the signal from the Hammond 44. I use my D.I. Pedal with gain and EQ in the following chain
The volume on you melodica must be all the way up and your D.I. Just a little over 1/2 gain. On the D.I. You need to cut the mid range. With a push on 8-10k. Once it hits the chorus you should try to double the width with a large sweep. When it goes to your DeLay you will need to give it a fast but short delay. Reverb is your choice I usually tend to be on the heavy side which can be a little annoying to some but heck to each his own. I use as a norm a Fender delux reverb but the fender acoustic jr sounds better for that sound and luckily it is a lot cheaper $225-$300 depending on where you buy it. My Fender Delux Reverb brown face was just over $1000. See some of my post on amplifying melodicas for additional info. I tend to use my Hammond Hyper for accordion sounds the 44 to me is a little harder to get that sound. You will need to tweak pedal and amp little at a time to achieve the sound but it can be done, how realistic is it, well let’s just say they will never mistake you for Lawrence Welk. Good luck
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