Reply To: Ballone Burini wheels up

Jerry Ballard

That’s terrific news Oscar!
Time to get our wish list in order.

1) better disassembly mechanism. Ideally a quick-release for the air chamber to allow easier disassembly. If not quick releases, then at least metal threaded inserts in the screw holes.
2) sealing of the wood on the internal chamber to prevent absorbtion of moisture
3) I hope they do not implement the 2-way blow/draw of the Eolina, but stick with with one-way, octave reeds. (I prefer the versatility of sound over the dubious value of endless breath.
4) a more reed-instrument type mouthpiece instead of just the raw pipe.
5) the question-mark shaped tube with built-in spit valve.

In all honesty, that’s my entire wish list. The existing Victoria is close to perfect IMO, and is still a jaw-dropper on stage.
Fingers crossed.

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