Reply To: Beginner seeking advice


Hi Tom , I was in the same place as you and got started about 18 mths ago. I had no keyboard experience but like you played guitar. With internet help I worked out most chords , and scales. I use it in a 4 piece but only in 2 songs so far. I still make quite a few mistakes. I did transpose some of my guitar blues scale work to the melodica. For me its all about repetition and committing fingers to memory. I was in a country club backing band recently and introduced it in some slower ballads , trying to give it an accordion feel. I think it worked. I found it a strain on the eyes looking at the chorded music and the keys at the same time.( especially the higher notes ) I’m now practicing holding the melodica on its side so I cant see the keys. I think that’s going to help me plus one finger per key.

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