Reply To: Yamaha 32 (vintage)

Alan Brinton

Very nice, Weijie! I love the bottom of this Pianica. Thanks for posting the photos. So it is the 32A. I notice two things now. First, it has an attractive plastic case. The photo I had seen earlier showed a soft case, the same kind as came with the original Pianica 32. That soft case has a crummy zipper (I have two of them, both broken) and doesn’t have room for a tube. The plastic case probably means this one was made later than the one in the photo I had seen (but still early 1960s). Second, the tube (as with Adam’s) has two segments. I have one that came to me with a Pianica 32, though it may have been added by a previous owner (since it doesn’t fit in the case). The tubes on the first Pianicas were too short for an adult to play with the Pianica sitting on a desk or in the lap. This tube is two of those; the one that attaches to the mouthpiece is an extension.

It looks like you got a real bargain there, in Singapore dollars no less. But I think these old Pianicas are ridiculously undervalued in the marketplace in any case (pun intended). This is a whole lot of melodica and history for the cost of a few beers.

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