Reply To: Hohner history


I would like to report that the Hohner Electra arrived today and with heavy heart I have to Announce that the “perfect” yes perfect Hohner electra was damaged during shipping. Fortunately it was just an end cap that cracked but did not completely break and once repaired should not be noticeable to the human eye. One control pot got bent but still completely functional, the moisture tube (interior) was loose but not broken (already repaird that) the instrument in general is now with consideration for the end cap that I will repair is a 98 out of 100 condition. I do not think there is another example in better condition. Completely excited about the purchase. Now for the sound, I will only say that it definately sounds like something out of the sixties. The Electra unlike our normal Melodicas is a monophonic instrument so only one note can be played at a time “lead or solos” very close to the sound of a Farfisa Organ on oboe setting, I am sure I will catch the ear of a hippie or love child with this One. The case, cords along with the power supply and manual, all look new and no signs of use, if so it was used very very little. There is no Physicsl wear that I can see even on the white trumpet mouth pieces. I will take picture hopefully in the next few days and post.

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