Reply To: Hammond instruments

Tom Teasley

Thanks so much Lowboy and Melodica-Me. I’m delighted to find this site. I may become a bit of a pest 😉 I was thinking of purchasing the Hammond via Amazon. M-M, it sounds like the instrument came well in tune. I saw a review on Amazon where it didn’t. I have yet to tune an instrument but have purchased a set of jewlers tools to do so.Have you tuned it yet or did you just replace the reed plates. (BTW, it’s great that they are available). In the event I get one and I need some repair is there a reputable repair person in the U.S. maybe you)for a fee;-) If you were to start with one which would you get? I’m thinking of the Hyper since that would prob be the most different from my current instruments.BTW great playing! I checked some of your instruments.Lowboy, thanks. I’m hesitant to utter my name in the same breath as Jack DeJohnette in the same breath but he is a great influence!I look forward to checking out your work. Stay well everyone!

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