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    AvatarTom Teasley

    Hi all. I’m new to the group. I’ve been interested in the Hammond melodians. I thought they were discontinued. I’ve also seen they are coming from Japan. Are these instruments that were previously made but not sold or are they being manufactured again. If so, what is the support from the company regarding parts, etc.? Thanks and I’m so glad to have found this resource!


    Welcome Tom.

    Nice jam and groove on your song. I see you are following in the footsteps of Jack DeJohnette–a drummer who also plays melodica.

    I play Hammond organ in addition to melodica. I am a Hammond enthusiast and have been for 45 years, but have not explored the Hammond melodicas yet. There are many Hammond players here that can help you out though.




    Welcom To the forum Tom. The support for the Hammonds are a bit tough. I recently was looking for the reed plates for my Hammond 44 and Hyper, and I contacted Hammond Suzukie USA of which it took about a week to get back to me with the response of “call the dealer” Unfortunately they don’t sell these products in the USA anymore. But I did contact some of the stors in Japan via email and they were able to get the plates and gaskets to me in about a week. They told me that all parts are available. So I would ask the store you are planning on purchasing it from online if they are able to do so.
    I love the Hammond Melodion and own all of them.
    Monsters of Melodica

    AvatarTom Teasley

    Thanks so much Lowboy and Melodica-Me. I’m delighted to find this site. I may become a bit of a pest 😉 I was thinking of purchasing the Hammond via Amazon. M-M, it sounds like the instrument came well in tune. I saw a review on Amazon where it didn’t. I have yet to tune an instrument but have purchased a set of jewlers tools to do so.Have you tuned it yet or did you just replace the reed plates. (BTW, it’s great that they are available). In the event I get one and I need some repair is there a reputable repair person in the U.S. maybe you)for a fee;-) If you were to start with one which would you get? I’m thinking of the Hyper since that would prob be the most different from my current instruments.BTW great playing! I checked some of your instruments.Lowboy, thanks. I’m hesitant to utter my name in the same breath as Jack DeJohnette in the same breath but he is a great influence!I look forward to checking out your work. Stay well everyone!

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