Reply To: Constructive Melodica Exercises?


Hello Case, welcome to the forum. I have always enjoyed practice time, simply because it’s my time. When I practice alone I tend to hear things that I do not hear when I am in a group setting. What helped me when I was starting out some 45 plus years ago was that if I learned a piece that was simple in the begining It would build up my confidence with the instrument. Once I finished learning the piece I felt a sence of accomplishment, it made me want to learn another piece. If you pick a piece that is complicated you may feel that it’s to hard to make your instrument sound like what you may expect. I still practice almost every day. But now it’s mostly improvisation. Don’t worry about what others think, usually after you learn a couple of tunes your friends will want to learn as well and chicks will think your hot, OK no they won’t I’m just making that one up. One last thing, scales suck but they do work. Good luck and we are all here for you.

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