Reply To: Need a Suzuki melodica with a nub for a mouthpiece!

Julie Cleveland

Hi Alan,
So nice to hear from you, I hope you are well.
Yes, I’ve tried that, but it feels weird. I bought (well a friend gave me a Xmas present of cash to spend however on music stuff) a Hohner, Instructor 32, which isn’t bad but nothing like my Suzuki, just to have a “mouthpiece”–as you probably know already, it has something for lips to hang on to, haha, without any mouthpiece at all. It’s got a sound I like but it’s truly very different. I also have the Yamaha 37, totally different, using it for more “classical” stuff.
So, I’m wondering, maybe you know, I might buy the Melodian M-32, or 32 plus, I look closely at pics and videos and can’t tell if the mouthpiece hole is exactly like the M 32, do you know?

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