Need a Suzuki melodica with a nub for a mouthpiece!

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    AvatarJulie C.

    And yes, I have been here before on this topic, about three years ago…
    Hello all, by the way, Alan, you were right, I absolutley LOVE my M-32c but I don’t love that I was never able to find a tiny little nub to put on it (I don’t use mouthpieces, don’t like them) for my lips to hold on to…also never found a black M-32, but confess I didn’t look hard enough…
    So here I am three years later, same predicament. I think my tone isn’t bad at all, but can’t keep playing with my nose jammed up against it. I am a Jon Baptiste enthusiast and notice he plays the Pro (which does have a nub, fake brass? metal? I dunno) and I think a he’s plays a M-32 but hard to tell in the many many videos I have watched of him talking about and playing melodica.
    So…a friend just wired me 250 bucks for a new melodica and I considered the Pro…but…it’s too damn heavy to hold! Is there a nub on the M-37? if yes, I guess I’ll go with that, I don’t really need those extra keys, but that’s not what I’m after…
    Oh and Happy New Year 2021 y’all, let’s get the heck outta 2020 already!

    AvatarAlan Brinton

    Hi, Julie. I suggest using the fitting from the long tube, the end that plugs into the melodica. This is in fact one of my favorite mouthpieces for Suzuki Melodions, for the reasons that you mention in your post. I always have one or two in the little bowl of melodica odds and ends on my desk.

    AvatarJulie C.

    Hi Alan,
    So nice to hear from you, I hope you are well.
    Yes, I’ve tried that, but it feels weird. I bought (well a friend gave me a Xmas present of cash to spend however on music stuff) a Hohner, Instructor 32, which isn’t bad but nothing like my Suzuki, just to have a “mouthpiece”–as you probably know already, it has something for lips to hang on to, haha, without any mouthpiece at all. It’s got a sound I like but it’s truly very different. I also have the Yamaha 37, totally different, using it for more “classical” stuff.
    So, I’m wondering, maybe you know, I might buy the Melodian M-32, or 32 plus, I look closely at pics and videos and can’t tell if the mouthpiece hole is exactly like the M 32, do you know?

    AvatarAlan Brinton

    I got my first dose of the Moderna covid vaccine last week, Julie, so I’m feeling pretty good right now!

    I believe that all current Suzuki models have interchangeable mouthpieces and that this has been true since at least 1980.

    How about the Suzuki MP-142? That’s probably my favorite Suzuki mouthpiece, shown below in my M-32C. I don’t see one on sale on eBay right now, though I have in the past. Or maybe the MP-141, which you can find now on eBay? If you Google “suzuki mp-142 mouthpiece,” you may be able find somewhere to buy one of those. It’s shorter than the standard Suzuki mouthpiece and has a golden colored nub.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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