Reply To: Fresh information about the Yamaha P37E ?


I feel like it there is almost a friction between the keys when I play …. the keyboard is relatively noisy. As you know, the feel, the touch on the keyboard is quite important for the development of the musical game and I am disappointed.

Hi Frederic, I have the same experience. If you play the Suzuki for a bit the Yamaha keyboard(P37D) feels terrible. The keys feel like they stick or hang somewhere in the middle of their travel. They’re also noisy and my fingers feel a bit cramped on a Yamaha compared to the Suzuki. I’ve never actually measured the size of the keys. I have a new P37D and one I’ve played for several years they both feel the same key-wise.

Unfortunately I like the air handling better on the Yamaha and it also has less of an accordion sound.

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