Reply To: New Facebook melodica group

Alan Brinton

I was aware of and following the Melodica World Facebook page. Not sure what to suggest. There’s a third group, “Melodica,” whose page I had already been following, though not lately. I guess a Federation of melodica groups could be formed. I’m not keen on having two competing groups, both having originated here and both having the same kind of “mission statement.” Not what Gianluca intended, of course.

I’m not in favor of changing the Melodica World brand name. We’re too far down the road on that, and there does not seem to be confusion among melodica enthusiasts about the terminology.

I wonder about the relationship between the content of this site and what appears from it or is duplicated in the Melodica World Facebook Group. Will it be mainly recent highlights and the introduction of new members? Are there structuring issues that need to be made (with Facebook MW Group or other groups) about how content appears or is accessed?

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