• MARK Issadore posted an update 2 years, 9 months ago

    I am trying to decide about buying
    one of the Hammond44 melodicas,
    Are they worth 4 times the price of my Suzuki m 37c and Yamaha p37d melodicas?
    I can’t do my own tuning and repairs.
    I am checking with my local accordion shop who also sells the Hammond 44s
    to see if they can service them
    This purchase would be for my own pleasure.I am really not gigging out any more.
    After purchasing an alto Mylodica and using it for a short time before it went very out of tune
    and blowing over $300 I do not know if
    I should just enjoy my current melodicas or look onto
    one of the 44s. Is the Hyper better made,sound better than the original44 or is it
    just a matter of preference?
    Is one less likely to go out of tune?

    • ps
      Are the hammond 44s much heavier than my Suzuki m37c?Are they awkward to hold and play?
      What a shame they do not make a 37 or 41 key, like an accordion.

      • I have both and I am quite pleased with them. I do not find either to be too heavy, and I’ve pretty much stopped playing my Suzuki Pro37v2 since getting them.

        My only complaint is that the pickup has a very low output, and it really needs a clean boost to raise the output level to an acceptable one for many sound systems.

    • I have the regular Hammond 44, Mark. Same manufacturer as Suzuki. I seldom play it because of the size. When I do, it is with a guitar strap. But the Hammond 44 is a high quality melodica and is, in my opinion, worth the difference in cost. I also have a Mylodica and agree with your opinion about that. The Hammonds are a different story. In addition to Monsters of Melodica videos, you can find videos on You Tube of some excellent Japanese players who favor the Hammonds. Search “pianonymous” in the forums here to find some links. pianonymous and some of the others play well with both hands, to which the 44 key board is conducive.