• Quetscher posted an update 2 years, 6 months ago

    Hi Binyomin, I played the Eolina only once some years ago but I recorded that session, so I can say the Eolina sounds a little bit rounder and darker to my ears and I liked the huge range. It’s a little bit better to handle but it has smaller keys that need a little familiarization. What was strange when I tried the instrument was the big loss of air while playing chords, but that was caused by the bi-directional (exhale AND inhale) reeds, the offered Eolina is uni-directional, so no problem! You should at least calculate on 3000€, that was the price for the last Eolina…

    • Binyomin, questscher, I have both the Vibrandoneon and the Eolina with Bi-directional reeds, and yes the air runs out quickly when playing chords, but on the other hand when playing melodies, using the wind in both directions you don’t need to take breaths as you continue to play the melody as you draw air in can be quite dramatic in performance. I personally prefer the sound of the Vibrandoneon over the Eolina but I like to play my Vibrandoneon with both reeds playing at the same time. They are both incredible instruments and worth having both if possible. I would like to get a button version of the Vibrandoneon someday to learn the system.

      • I find that my vibrandoneon with both reeds takes a lot of air too, especially when playing chords. I’d really love a different mouthpiece for it. Something more like a sax, rather than the narrow tube it comes with.

        An Eolina isn’t in the budget at this point, but I’d love to try one sometime. The bi-directional reed version sounds intriguing.