Yamaha PSS-F30 and other mini keyboard for silent practice

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    Rey Florian

    Hi everyone,
    just to give you some feedback on yamaha mini keyboards like PSS-F30/A50.

    I just had a little baby, and I was looking for a way to practice in silence to let her sleep.
    Since I play on Yamaha P37-D, I was looking for a 37-key F-F keyboard. Unfortunately, no manufacturer makes this kind of keyboard with a key size similar to our melodicas. I later discovered the yamaha mini keyboards which have exactly the same width of key, but which are just a little shorter by 1cm. PSS-F30 is very light, solid and very cheap. There is a headphone output and a speaker.

    Of course there are important differences, on the sound, and in particular on the repeated notes where the mouth does the job much better, but that makes it possible to work on other fingerings.

    In short, if like me you are looking for a cheap keyboard to practice in silence everywhere, this little keyboard is probably made for you.

    And you, What do you use to pratice in silence ?



    Thanks for this Rey

    I love doing silent practice, its really helpful to be able to work on only the hand movements without the distraction of sound and getting carried away with the music.

    I just do it on my melodica without blowing, and hear the sounds in my head.


    I remember a few years back I made a post here about a box I would play into to reduce the sound to stop annoying my family lol. But I would think if you have an extra mouth piece you can sacrifice, plug the hole with cotton or paper and use your Pianica as a silent instrument. I can’t remember when, but we also came up with a minor solution which was to plug the mouthpiece hole with something hard enough that you can drill a small hole and this will reduce the volume that will come out of the Pianica. You need to start with a very small hole and work your way up to a larger hole until it sounds. Note some reeds will not sound due to the amount of air needed, but you can hear some of the reeds to give you an idea of what you are playing

    Larry Shone

    I use my digital piano with headphones…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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