Suzuki 37C vs 37c plus v yamaha – advice please!

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    Gino Ginelli

    Hi there
    I am looking to buy a melodeon (I am a total beginner but a classically trained pianist so know my way around a keyboard). I think I will go for 37 keys and wondered if anyone has any recommendations. I’ve been looking at Suzuki 37C and 37C Plus. Here I wondered what is the difference? Is there any difference other than the goose neck mouthpiece and colouring on the plus? Do they have any other difference in spec? (I have fallen in love with the tone of the plus played by fborchestra on youtube). If there isn’t a difference, can the goose neck mouthpiece be bought separately to go with the 37C? Also looking at the Yamaha 37. Any advice and tips would be really welcome! Thanks!

    Alan Brinton

    It is possible to buy the gooseneck separately, though it may be hard to get it at a reasonable price delivered. It’s a nice piece. I have not seen any information that leads me to believe that the Plus is otherwise any better than the excellent M-37C. The Yamaha P-37D is also a very fine melodica with a somewhat mellower sound. To some the Suzuki has a bit of a harsh edge. The Suzuki M-37C and Yamaha P-37D are both excellent, though. Can’t go wrong with either one. My formal training is also on classical piano, and I personally prefer the 32 key models and seldom feel the need for more keys. It’s best to think of the melodica as more of a wind instrument than a keyboard instrument.


    On a piano, you use the bottom and top octaves about 0.1 percent of the time (except for Jerry Lee Lewis). You could chop the bottom and top octaves off and play 99.9 percent of all music written for piano.

    So it is with the melodica. The very highest and lowest notes on 37- and 44-note melodicas are difficult to play gracefully and are almost never used in my experience and observation. You may have a need for them. If so, you should get them. But if you do not have a real need for these outliers, I would agree with Alan that 32 notes is enough. On a 32-note melodica, all the notes are useful and the instrument is easier to handle.

    In my playing style, my favorites are 26- and 27-note melodicas. I rarely feel that I need more notes. Sometimes I play a 32-note instrument for added range, but even it seems cumbersome to me.

    That is one man’s opinion and does not include title, tax, and registration fees.

    If you need all the notes, by all means you should get them. There is something to be said for holding a big, beautiful, substantial, and long instrument.


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