Reed spacings and chamber dimensions

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    I’ve started this thread in order to build a list of reed spacing and chamber size dimensions. It’s something that would be really helpful for those of us who are experimenting with modifications and building melodicas. Please add to the list!

    I’ll start with:

    Yamaha P37D
    Reed spacing 11.2mm
    Chamber width 34.6mm

    Yamaha P32D
    Reed spacing 11.2
    Chamber width 34.3mm


    Daren, can you post a picture as how you measure the read and reed chamber along with the spacing? Center of the reed and center of the of the chamber? maybe show one of the smaller needs in the chamber and one of the large reed showing the overage?




    Hi MM

    Chamber Width

    I measure the chamber width with a calliper, though you can get a good idea with a ruler. In this section of a melodica below, its the measurement highlighted by the green arrow:

    melodica air chamber width

    Reed Spacing

    I get a rough idea of the reed spacing by measuring the distance between the left edge of the air cavity, to the left edge of the next air cavity, as illustrated by the red arrow above.

    You can make this even more accurate by measuring from the left edge of the first cavity, all the way to the left edge of the last cavity. If there are 32 cavities, you can divide the number by 32, as in the blue arrow below:

    measuring the distance between reeds

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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